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Salary & Benefits

Teach Western Mass believes in the power of exceptional talent and we work hard to reward our teachers. As a full-time teacher in a Teach Western Mass school, you will earn a competitive starting salary based on your experience and education level, as well as the specific district policies, and a robust benefits package.

Exemplary teachers can earn higher compensation quickly by taking on unique leadership roles. Examples of leadership roles across our schools include:

Master Teacher

In Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership schools, teachers can become master teachers and serve as district-wide models of instructional excellence. Teachers are given additional leadership roles as well as additional income.

Advanced Teacher

In Holyoke Public Schools, as part of a new compensation system, teachers can become advanced teachers and serve as school-wide models of instructional excellence. Advanced teachers are exceptional educators whose primary role is to be a classroom teacher and to model excellent teaching in a lab setting. Teachers are given additional leadership responsibilies and additional income. 

Dean of Curriculum and Instruction

At UP Academy Kennedy, Deans of Curriculum and Instruction (DCIs) provide comprehensive support and coaching, allowing teachers to continually improve their practice. The leadership team at UP includes three DCIs, covering Math and Science, ELA and History, and Special Education and ESL.

Cohort Leader

Cohort leaders at UP are teachers who serve as anchors for their grade-level cohorts. Cohort leaders model best practices, inspire their team to be rigorous and innovative, and help problem-solve around climate, academic, and curricular challenges.

Dean of Students

In Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership schools and at UP Academy Kennedy, the Dean of Students creates and leads a school climate that inspires both children and adults to be their best selves every day. With the support of a strong team, the Dean of Students helps teachers develop and implement behavior management techniques and ensures a structured, safe, and joyful environment for scholars.